Moldcamps - Past & Future

Monday, 2015, November 9 - 17:15

The Past

For a couple of years, lots of companies tried to organize a Drupalcamp event in Moldova. Then we founded Drupal Moldova Association - a neutral entity that helped companies come together and finally accomplish this idea.

Since then we held 2 events:

  • Moldcamp 2014 (1st Drupalcamp in Moldova) - the webiste is still live here.
  • Moldcamp 2015 (2nd Drupalcamp in Moldova) - the website is still live, here.

I'll try to be short, both events were great and successfull.

Moldcamp 2014 Stats

This is what we accomplished at our first DrupalCamp in Moldova:

  • 115 attendees from Moldova, Romania, Ukraine, Denmark.
  • 9 Sponsors and 14 Partners.
  • 24 Speakers and 33 Presentations.
  • 400+ Served coffees.
  • 50 Bottles of wine.
  • 150 Beers.
  • 160 Bottles of water.
  • Infinite amount of fun!

Moldcamp 2015 Stats

Here are some numbers recorded at the second Drupal Camp in Moldova:

  • 110 attendees from Moldova, Romania, Ukraine, Denmark, Germany;
  • 1 Code Sprint;
  • 6 Sponsors;
  • 14 Partners;
  • 25 Speakers;
  • 30 Presentations;
  • 40 bottles of wine;
  • 120 beers;
  • 400+ served coffees;
  • a whole lotta fun.

Stats tell us a lot about the events, but even more - the videos.


The Future

The future will be more interesting, right? :)

For 2016 we're planning to have a smaller and cozier event, with more international folks involved and more Drupal 8 sessions. 

Probably we'll give up on the idea of having 3 parallel panels and we'll have maximum 2 panels at a time.

Also we'll drop the prices for the Sponsorships - so more companies will be able to participate. The website will be reused from the last year (with small changes here and there).

So, see you next year!