School Of Drupal 8 Plus PHP - Beginners

Date: 19 June - 18:30
School Of Drupal 8 Plus PHP - Beginners

Do you want to have a career in IT?

Apply to Drupal 8 plus PHP School.

School of Drupal 8 is a project that provides 25 lessons of 2 hours each, taught by the most experienced Drupal developers and mentors in Moldova. This project includes the knowledge of the Drupal market leaders in Moldova and allows the combination of theory and practice, step by step.

What is Drupal?

Drupal is a free, open source (open source) platform for developing online content and user communities.

What will I know after finishing the course?

The course covers the following topics:

  • Creating and editing content;
  • Content categorization: menu, categories and tags;
  • User, roles and permissions management;
  • Installation of additional modules and templates;
  • Site location in various languages;
  • The basics of PHP programming language including some advanced aspects;
  • Introduction to the development of Drupal 8 personal modules;
  • Maintenance and upgrading;

The new generation of Drupal developers from Moldova starts with you!

If you know someone who wants to become a programmer tell them about School of Drupal 8 + PHP.

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