Corporate Partnership

Over the years we have been partnering up with lots of local and international companies. They have helped us achieve the goals we had and without the partnerships we wouldn't be able to do that. We had event partners, event sponsors, companies that invested in us and that donated the money they had for certain believes they we had in common.

For now, we have a project-based approach for both partnerships and sponsorships. You can apply for any of these before the project takes place. Some events have fixed amount for sponsorships (trainings) others have different sponsorship packages (Moldcamps / Drupalcamps) each of them includes different possibilities and levels of involvement.

You can always sponsor a future Drupal Meetup.

On the long-run, we're planning to have annual sponsorship packages, also of different levels. This part is in development and we'll update this page as soon as we'll be ready to.

For now, if you feel like you'd like to sponsor any project of ours, or you'd like to become a partner, don't hesitate and contact us.