Our Community

Moldova has a strong local Drupal community. Our Facebook group has over 670 active members, our official Facebook page gathered over 1174 likes so far. However, the Drupal Moldova community is not only active on Facebook, but it is also very much alive outside the digital realms.

Over the past 2 years, our local community showed its support by attending the events organized by the Drupal Moldova Association, participated in our initiatives, volunteered, and helped us build the association. Drupal Moldova Association thanks, everyone who’s been there with us all this time, and those who will stick with us in the future.

Our local Drupal Community isn’t just consisted of individuals. A number of Drupal Agencies and organizations are an active part of it, as well. None of the Drupal Moldova Association’s achievements wouldn't’ have been possible without their involvement and drive.

To be part of the Moldova Drupal Community, join our group on Facebook, register on our website, and come to our Drupal events. We are a fun, friendly bunch.