Drupal 8 plus PHP School Beginners - Edition II Closing

Tuesday, 2018, February 6 - 18:00

Two months ago, Drupal Moldova Association has launched the Drupal 8 plus PHP School for beginners - Edition II.

The program has started on 27th November 2017 and was held for a period of 2 months, specifically 25 lessons, 150 Hours in total.

We have trained 6 students from scratch, starting by giving them knowledge about Drupal Content Management System and ending with PHP courses.

On 29th January 2018. the students passed their final exam to test their knowledge and learning process,  and we are glad that all the students got successfully their exams and that the program was really instructive and useful for them.

Without our brave and active contributors Drupal School won’t be possible, therefore we would like to thank Victor Matcan and Constantin Marjina for their knowledge sharing, help and patience.

On 5th February 2018, we organized the closing ceremony for the Drupal School,  the students got their certifications and we celebrated their success around beers and good talks :), we wish a lot of success to our students on their learning journey, we will always be glad to help :)

This school shows that with hard work and dedication everyone is able to learn Drupal and Open Source technologies to build a strong IT career, therefore, if you would like to be the next student at the next schools, please register here and we will keep you updated on the next opportunities ))

We would like to thank Centrul de Telecomunicații Speciale for supporting the Drupal School, we are grateful for your help and trust.


What's next?

After two successful Drupal Schools for beginners, it is time to upgrade to the next level :)

Drupal Moldova Association with the support of USAID and the Swedish Government is organizing the first edition of Drupal 8 School for Intermediate developers, an intensive program of 2 weeks that holds 10 lessons in total, 5 times a week (2 hours each) with a final exam at the end of the program, with an International trainer coming directly from Ukraine!

For more details, please check here

Thank you!!





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