DMA & Community Website Launch

Monday, 2015, November 9 - 15:00

Hello World!

It took us a while, we know, but now thanks to lots of people the website is LIVE.

It's far from being fully completed, but trust us we're doing our best to fill-in the page, fix the responsiveness, install the fancy-SEO-friendly modules and prepare it for a good community use.

So far we'd like to say thanks to:

  • Sandu Camerzan - he basically did most of the structure & theming of the website, I'd say he did most of the work.
  • Sergiu Nagailic (Nikro) - he basically prepared the website for lunch, did couple of fixes here and there and other adjustments.
  • Alina Popenco (Satin) - she did the design of the front-page, Sandu followed that design and basically created other pages according to it.
  • Stefan Nistor - he prepared and fixed couple of articles here and there (and more are on his list).
  • Constantin Marjina & Nicoleta Nigai - they helped us out in testing the website, both mobile and desktop versions.
  • Vladimir Melnic & Andrei Perciun - also did their contributions.
  • ...and others (I'm sure I missed someone who also helped us out).

We did the best we could - as our contribution in our free time. Now, it's your turn.

Now it's your turn!

  • Please register (login through facebook) and complete your profiles and submit Tutorials in any language that is comfortable to you.
  • If you can contribute some free time for translation of the pages or tutorials in other languages, please leave us a message and let's do it.
  • If you can help us out in fixing styling issues (Compass / SASS) for the mobile version of the website, we definitely have tasks for you.
  • Even if you can test things, please report as many issues about the website as you can find.

Like Mr. Vladimir likes to say - CONTRIBUTE!