Tech Pizza - Adopting the Sillicon Valley Mindset

Wednesday, March 28, 2018 - 18:30

Silicon Valley is awash with fast-growing businesses. They are lean, fast-moving, agile, results-driven and above all, innovative!

One of the most important asset to have in the local companies is a Valley mindset among the employees, and making this happen day after day requires a mindset of flexibility and a willingness to constantly learn and adapt because the real difficulty in changing businesses lies not in developing new ideas - but escaping the old ones!

We have invited three special guests experts in implementing and adapting a valley mindset and atmosphere from their US headquarters to the Moldovan office, they are constantly working on improving their employee's mindset and office environment to make their business grow and their employees/clients share the same culture and values.

Improving and growing your business is indeed important but as a leader of any modern company, you need to think about the culture you are creating with your employees or clients.

At this event you will be able to ask our experts about:

- How to spread a growth mindset throughout your company?
- Which programs, initiatives and original ideas other companies are implementing?

And much more, join us on 28th March at 18:30 and get answers to your questions.

Stay tuned to discover the speakers :)

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Silicon Valley este plina de companii ce cresc extrem de repede. Ele sunt dinamice, flexibile si au crestere enorma, in acelasi timp sunt extrem de inovative.

Mindset - sau "mod de a gandi" in Silicon Valley este unul specific, si reprezinta o componenta importanta in succesul acestor companii.

La acest eveniment noi vom discuta:
- Cum sa raspandesti felul de a gandi de crestere (growth mindset) in compania ta?
- Ce programe, initiative si strategii se implementeaza in alte companii?

Alatura-te de noi pe data de 28 Martie / 18:30 si gaseste raspunsuri la toate intrebarile tale.

Intrare este libera si locuri sunt limitate, registreaza-te aici: